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BodeDynamic has been in the business of renewable energy like wind power since early 2014 with a deep cooperation with one of the world leading wind turbine manufacturers in Germany. We have developed solutions and components in parallel with advances in engineering technology for our customer and thus amassed specialized knowledge across a broad range of applications and issues.

Since those early days, our product have increased beyond recognition in range and technical excellence to match the complex and demanding applications for wind energy.

Product Range

• Radial shaft seals for main bearings
• Vibration control elements for
  generator, gearbox or main frame
• Profiles Rings/Extrusions for yaw
  and pitch bearings.
• Accumulators for pitch control

Radial shaft rotary seal

BodeDyanmic offers different profile designs and compounds for various operating conditions based on our expertise and result of finite element analysis to make sure our products are in line with local condition and extend their lifespan thus save customers' money.

Well proven radial lip seals, specially designed forwind turbines are available in NBR, HNBR, FKM and viton materials.Seals are available in various sizes from 200 mm to 1,700 mm diameter, and dimensions up to 3,000 mm can also be manufactured through a
special jointing process without additional tool costs. For offshore applications, seals are also available in NBR or HNBR with corrosion-proof fabric. The resistance to aggressive media such as mineral oil, ozone or salt water is thus extraordinarily high.

Standard profile for ORF type





Standard profile for OMC type




Profile rings-the special solution for pitch and Yaw bearings.

Rotary units in wind turbines require special sealing technology. Our profile rings are batch vulcanized in a unique manufacturing procedure and offer lasting advantages over glued rings. These are available in all standard materials, for example NBR, CR, FKM amongst others. Our profile rings offer extended lifetimes, low torques, high resistance, and secure installation for the wind industry. Our profiles are one of the market standards for sealing pivoting bearings. We also offer the profile programme in length form, for maintenance and repairs.Other products available for wind turbines include V rings, O rings and special sealing products.

Custom profile for slewing rings

Rollix Slew Bearing Design 06 0307

We offer custom single lip, double lips and triple lips for slewing rings application based on sizes and working condition. Much of our expertise involves the re-specification of sealing systems where the performance is less than satisfactory, in arduous applications. Many companies can offer alternative seals but few offer an investigation of the problem from first principles and a completely engineered solution. We take a hands on approach to sealing problems, and offer optimised solutions in areas where leakage had become an accepted inconvenience. We are ISO
9001 approved . All of our sales force are engineers who can both propose and fit our sealing systems.

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