We have an authorized factory located in Xiamen CHINA producing standard washer, gasket, O rings and custom parts for application of plumbing including shower head, basin and sink tap & trap. which is shown as below for demonstration.

1. 50mm Sink Strainer
2. BOSTON Plug; Red, White Ultragrip, & Renovators Choice Chrome Plate, Polished Brass or White
3. Plug and Waste Washer 38mm & 50mm
4. Trap Washer Kit 38mm & 50mm

1. Tap Button Spanner
2. Tap Button C/Plate, G/Plate or adhesive
3. O'Ring
4. Body Washer 13mm
5. Delaware or Anti Hammer Valve 13mm
6. Threadseal Tape
7. Filter Washer
8. Hammer Relief Valve
9. BOSTON Washing Machine Hose S/Steel or White PVC

1. Spout Aerator Adapter
2. Water Saving Disc
3. Spout Aerator C/Plate & G/Plate
4. Spout Adaptor, Snap On Fitting
5. Spout Adaptor, W/Machine Hose
6. Spout Adaptor, Shower Hose Fitting
7. Spout O'Ring Kit
8. Handle & Spout Repair Kit
9. Spout Washe

Please contact our technical engineer on your special requirement: