To ensure high performance products and to meet the needs of customers and markets, we strongly rely on the unique qualities of elastomers for the production of our O-Rings, Washers and Gaskets for gardening tool use. Due to their special characteristics, they are highly adaptable to movements, tolerances, rough surfaces, temperature changes, duration, and performance. They also show high resistance to extreme environments, fuels, and to the most aggressive chemical substances. 

BodeDynamic offers 100% highly automated inspection, able to validate both dimensional parameters and surface quality. We also provide talcum coating, molycote treatment, and semi-permanent and permanent PTFE coating, which can improve the performance of our products during assembly and in the application.

In line with our 360° quality promise, we are committed to a zero defect philosophy, which is based on the highest quality, short lead times, and maximum efficiency.We also focus on the research and development of new and innovative materials for the application under the most critical and extreme conditions

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