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Safe, water-tight sealing solutions

The concern for safe drinking water has never been more vital as it is today, from municipal water concerns to potable water demands. Water safety issues have become so prevalent, consumers are reading bottled water labels and many industries are touting their own exceptional safety measures in water processing. BodeDynamic has been at the forefront of safe drinking water sealing products for over decades. We're also constantly striving for better , safer and more efficient water sealing materials, procedures and products. Your customers rely on you for the most effective and safest water processing. Trust BodeDynamic to exceed your expectations.

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Major institutions like hospitals, school campuses, government buildings and military bases all depend on clean, safe drinking and tap water for their numerous occupants. BodeDyanmic has provided water-safe seals for institutions around the world. Beyond being safe, these seals have to be outstanding performers, given the sheer volume of water they channel and secure on a daily basis-over months and years. It takes an exceptional seal and BodeDynamic's experts can recommend the perfect solution for your given institution's needs.

valves fittings


Valve and fitting seal are crucial in drinking water applications. For example, in water recycling applications. the seals' materials must be resistant to various chemicals, pollutants and minerals while being safe for contact with drinking water. Seals must also accommodate various fluid pressures, temperatures, contact surfaces and mechanical operations for long term service. BodeDynamic can provide you with valuable consultation on the complexities of value and ftting drinking water seals .

commercial plumbing


No industry deals with drinking water so many ways as the plumbing industry. Residential systems vary by home size, age, region and climate.Commercial varies from the small business site's water cooler and tap water to the high rise's pressure and volume demands and often bars and restaurants, where both sanitation and refreshing taste are paramount. BodeDynamic stocks the vast variety of seal solutions the plumbing profession depends on. certified for water safety and sanitation.



Ever since Antonie van Leeuwenhoek observed in 1674 that lake water actually contains microscopic life, the demand for water filtration has become a mainstay .And in our industrialized world of water runoff, chemicals , contaminants, minerals,sewage and other particulates, the demand for superior filtration is even more crucial. A filter is only as good as its seal and BodeDynamic has provide the most effective water sealing solutions for industrial,municipal,commercial and residential applications. 



Perhaps someday"waste water"will be a thing of the past. It could be sooner than later with the demand for and advances in sustainability. As we recognize water is a precious commodity today,treatment and reclamation have become vital industries. Municipalities are recycling and conserving their water supplies and potable water has become crucial. Water treatment sealing solutions need to be safe for consumption and stand up to the very elements the water is treated for.

water dispensing


Drinking water fountains and dispensers for parks, public buildings, businesses, venues and more are a vast challenge. These systems vary in scope and format from high rise buildings to public rest rooms, and their usage is constantly turned on-off-on-off throughout each day.The entire system spans the facility, encompassing numerous joints, materials and pumps.All of these complexities and applications must also meet of public health and safety standards.


The public trust isn't something that a municipality can simply claim, it has to be earned consistently, year after year and with every environmental safety audit. BodeDyanmic water-safe sealing products are tested, certified and have been proven for decades.What's more,they meet all the difficult challenges of municipal water systems,including long lasting performance while exposed to extreme heat, cold, weather,underground conditions and water treatment demands.

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