BodeDynamic has made a great achievement on supplying outstanding performance seals to car tier-2 manufacturer in Austria.Who has been an important supplier for famous world -class car brands.We continued to expand our business in Asia to make a contribution for economical and environmentally friendly car manufacturers.

We are able to match the high volume, stringent quality and advanced delivery demand of the industry on a global level. Our local engineering and development support teams work with customers to develop innovative solution to meet automotive application challenges.

·Seal throughout the vehicle

Seals are used throughout today's cars. These include O-Rings that withstand high pressures in shock absorbers,sophisticated gaskets in electronic control units, safety critical custom-molded components in braking systems and seals that withstand extreme temperatures,pressures and aggressive media in fuel injectors.

·Meeting demanding requirement

Our sealing expertise and solutions provide uncompromising reliability in safety critical applications.Our seals are designed with low friction characteristics which optimize rotating linear movements, and features which allow superior sealing of lubricants while excluding external media and protecting equipment components from environmental damage.

·Innovation and service

Our innovation is a key to your success. Solving sealing chanllenges using pioneering techniques, we deliver better performance and overall value for our customers. Operations can run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our logistics network can meet your scheduling requirements.

Application overview



Automotive specific compounds


We develop compounds adpated to the automotive industry requirements. according to the application, we offer specific compounds such as:

  • > ACM (polyacrylate): Used in the automotive area because of its good oil compatibility (motor oil, gearbox oil, ATF oil).
  • > AEM ( acrylate – ethylene - methyl): Contrary to ACM, AEM does not resist to ATF oils and gearbox oils. However, it has a good                             compatibility with standard mineral oils and engine coolant. It also well resists to temperature from -40°C to +150°C.
  • > NBR (Nitrile): NBR is the most used rubber in the automotive field because of its excellent oil resistance, low price and good mechanical                 properties. Its weaknesses (ozone resistance, low temperature resistance) can be improved using specific NBRs.
  • > HNBR (Hydrogenated nitrile): HNBR is used in the automotive to replace NBR when this one reach its limits. Indeed, ozone resistance and               low temperature resistance are improved. Moreover, it has a good biodiesel and LPG resistance.
  • > FKM (Fluoro elastomer): FKM is the automotive base material for high temperatures (up to 250°C). It has a good Ozone/UV resistance. It               has also a good compatibility with biodiesel, LPG, fuel and hydrocarbon. It is mainly used to make automotive oil seals.
  • > Silicone (MVQ) – Fluorosilicone (FMVQ): Silicone can be used into automotive applications with low temperatures (-60°C). Silicone offers a                 weak resistance to oils and chemical products. Depending on the fluid used, we proposes FMVQ (fluorinated silicone) which offers                   a better resistance.
  • > EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): EPDM is mainly used for automotive applications with no contact with oils. It has an excellent               Ozone/UV resistance as well as brake liquids with glycol. When it is vulcanised with peroxide, its temperature resistance can go up                 to 150°C.

Inspected by automatic sorting machine

BodeDyanmic performs on customer demand a 100% sorting on revolution parts, for applications with ppm quality levels commitments.

Feasible for parts with a:

  • Minimum outside diameter of 5mm
  • Maximum outside diameter of 55mm
  • Minimum height of 1mm
  • Maximum height of 8mm

Please contact our technical engineer on your special requirement: